Beaver Time

We went to Ridgecrest Conference Center for a 24-hour church planning retreat with Hub City Church. It was very productive. We had 9 people who were able to go and we got a lot accomplished. We came up with systems for the different areas of the church so that when people want to help serve inside the church, there will be easy instructions about what they need to do. I think the greatest thing about it all was that even though we debated some about different aspects and some of the details, we were able to come away unified. I think about the Scripture passages that talk about the harvest. Even though we have few workers and the harvest is HUGE, we are able to accomplish a lot because we have God on our side and because we are acting as one unified body.

On another note, didn’t I say there could be river dancing at the retreat? Well, there was…. and a whole lot more! And what’s even better is that I videoed it! Frankie put together the clips and made a short film. Here it is!

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2 Responses to Beaver Time

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  2. Brian says:

    who snuck the Jesus Juice to the retreat?!?

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