I was reading in Luke about the “triumphal entry” into Jerusalem. You know how you know things, but suddenly it clicks…. that’s kind of what happened as I read this passage today. I realized that the crowd was singing hosanna to Jesus because they thought this was it; they thought that Jesus was finally going to bring the physical kingdom to earth; they thought Jesus was going to rise to power and overtake the Romans. And a few days later, they realized Jesus wasn’t doing what they thought he should do, and so they all turned on him.

How often do we do that? How often do we turn on God because he’s not doing what we think he should be doing? Often times, we hear from God and then we interpret in our own way and when it doesn’t follow the plan we have laid out, then we wonder why God is punishing us. We need to hear from God and continue to allow him to interpret that vision within us. Things don’t always work out how we plan them. If they did, where’s the faith in that?

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