I’m addicted to the word games on facebook! Scramble, Word Twist, Path Words. I could play them all night and come close sometimes, so much so that sometimes before I go to sleep, I’m thinking about words I could have made. That’s kind of weird, I guess. I used to work in a bait and tackle store in Ohio, and sometimes there were little baby catfish in with the minnows. They would be at the bottom of the tank that was probably 3ft deep. I would stare into the tank and watch for the little catfish, catch them, and separate them from the fatheads (that’s a type of minnow, in case you don’t know). At night, when I’d lay down and close my eyes, I could see the minnows swimming around. I have kind of a photographic memory, so I think maybe that’s part of it. When I was in college, I could memorize word for word my notes, but occasionally when I couldn’t quite see the words, I could still tell you exactly where it was on the page.

Okay, I know you think I’m rambling, but here’s my application. Whatever I spend my time doing is what goes into my mind. So I need to be careful about what I’m putting in my mind and how I evaluate those things. I don’t think it is necessarily wrong to watch something R-rated, but I need to be careful to discern the bad from the good. What can I take from this to make me a better person? What might God be showing me through this? How can I apply this to my life? Or maybe questions like: how does this reflect our world today? is this how people really think and act outside of Christ? and how can I relate to those people? I just think we should make sure we are aware of what is filling our minds and may be coming back to the surface at a later time.

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