Hail, MIP, and other things

It was hailing today. I drove Frankie’s car to work today so I’m hoping for my sake it didn’t do any damage. Not only was it hailing, but it was pouring rain.

Which brings me back to Movies in the Park! I can’t believe we had so many people there. It was definitely a God-thing. I mean, think about it, would you have gone to an outside event if there was a 40% chance of rain? And not only that, but many people who came saw at least a little rain before they came. God knew how many people we would have come, we just had to trust him to bring them.

Which brings me to another question: Does anyone know a good plan for getting a more accurate count of a huge crowd?

Which brings another thought to mind: Did anyone see me get mobbed by a bunch of fathers wanting gift certificates to Garfield’s? It was horrible…. Very bad idea. Thanks to the guy standing directly in front of me who held the crowd back. He agreed that it was a very bad idea.

We went to Roebuck Baptist Church on Sunday because Jonathan was preaching there. It was kind of wierd because I haven’t been to a traditional worship service in a long, long time. It was nice to hear some of the hymns again and to hear everyone singing (and signing) and worshipping together. They had an interpreter there who signed to a group of people. She had a hard time keeping up with Jonathan….her hands were going like 90 miles per minute…. Anyway, Jonathan talked about that we need to let go of the old, so we can put on the new. And he asked what we needed to let go of before we can experience the new thing God has planned for us. The old thing can be a past success, a past failure, materials, greed, guilt, etc…. anything that is hindering us from grabbing hold of the new thing God has for us. I hope that I am letting go those things that are hindering me. What are you holding on to?

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