Jesus’ Compassion

Luke 8 is full of interesting tidbits. I was reading the story of Jesus and the demon-possessed man. I thought it was very interesting that the Bible details a conversation between Jesus and the demons, Legion. He even asked their name! There must have been some conversation going on. Legion knew who Jesus was, he told Jesus his name, and begged that Jesus let him go into the pigs rather than send them into the “Abyss.” And Jesus let them. Now, Jesus, being God, could have done anything he wanted; he knew what was going to happen and that as a result, the town would kick him out, but he still complied with Legion’s wish. Could it be that Jesus even had compassion for Legion? Just a thought really…. My husband and I were debating it this morning and we didn’t get to finish, but I think there must be some compassion there. And if there is, what are the implications for us as Christ followers? If Jesus showed compassion to demons, how much more does he and should we show compassion to those men and women around us who are clearly out of God’s will? God is teaching me compassion right now. It’s something I struggle with and I have to work hard not to be indifferent to what is going on around me. Anyway, just a thought… something to make you think.

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