We received a monetary gift from someone yesterday for a lot. We were just astounded. Frankie was going to contact him once he got some paperwork together to explain about what Hub City Church is and what we are and will be doing. But Frankie didn’t have to. The guy called him and asked him about what we were doing. Frankie said he stumbled a good bit because he was unprepared and shocked at the phone call. He said, at the end of the conversation, the guy asked him one final question: Are you going to teach the Jesus is the only way? Frankie answered that Jesus was the only way he knew of. The guy said “Okay, come pick up a check. I’ll have it waiting up front.” How awesome is God. I think Frankie and I both needed some encouragement because raising money has been extremely hard for the both of us and we haven’t gotten a lot of monetary supporters. Times are hard with the economy and gas prices. But God knew we needed some help and he sent it without us doing anything! God is going to provide for us, I truly believe that. In fact, I am waiting in expectation for the great things he is yet to do!

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