too Christian

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately… books on church planting mostly. I think I’m too Christian. I don’t mean I’m too much like Jesus… in fact, it’s kind of the opposite. I have been a Christian for over 15 years. I went to a southern baptist church and went every time the doors opened. I went to a baptist college. I have listened exclusively to Christian music for at least 12 years. I worked at a place with a Christian boss for 7 years. Get the picture? I can remember my youth pastor telling me I needed to hang out with friends who would be a good influence on me and I remember abandoning a good friend because I thought she was pulling me down.

I don’t think Jesus would be happy with this Christian bubble I’ve been living in. I think he would be disappointed that the church has become more of a hang out for the “in” crowd. When he was on earth, he lived in the midst of the sinners. He sat and ate with them; he touched them; he met their needs.

The real problem with living in this Christian bubble I’ve been in, is that I don’t know how to relate to the unchurched. I don’t know how they think or what interests they have or what they do. Now that I realize this is an issue, I am trying to be more aware of the people around me, especially at work. I realize that they do treat me a little different. I don’t get all the emails that they send to each other; they censor their stories; they try not to use swear words. I guess maybe this shows I do have some influence, but do I really want them to change the way they are because I’m in the room or because I’ve demonstrated Jesus to them?

What about you? Have you been wrapped up in your Christian bubble not realizing you aren’t touching the world?! Maybe you aren’t a Christian. Do you have Christian friends who are truly concerned about you? Who are true friends?

I will pray with you that we may open our eyes and stretch out our hands and touch those around us. Listen to them. Really hear what they are trying to say to you. And if you aren’t a professing Christian, maybe you can tell me how I’m doing!

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One Response to too Christian

  1. Suzanne says:

    Thanks for voicing this. It is a very true concern.

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