Lousy T-Shirt! part 4

Well, I finished the book last week sometime and I let my mom borrow it, so I don’t know what the title of part 4 is officially, but I do know that it was just the concluding remarks to tie up a few loose ends.

Chapter 16: When we feel disappointed, we need to ask ourselves why. Why are we disappointed? Am I disappointed from just dealing with reality (that even living the Jesus life is hard sometimes) or am I disappointed because I’m not really living in the presence of Jesus nor letting myself be his presence to others? Being disappointed is natural. Sometimes, it’s just that life is not all that great; it’s hard or boring. Other times, our disappointment is a way that we recognize that we are not living the Jesus life; we have let ourselves fall into a spiritual routine and it’s just become a religious obligation. In which case, we need to wake up! and renew our relationship with Jesus.

Chapter 17: During those times when our disappointment is a result of facing the reality that living life with and for Jesus isn’t always fantastic, we must remember that God is enough for me and that I am enough for God. We don’t need anything else besides Jesus; he fills us up. Also, I am enough for God; he doesn’t expect me to be perfect or to be anymore than I am; he loves me just as I am.

I really enjoyed this book. I’m one of those people who really like to read and prefer to finish a book in one sitting, but I don’t remember much of it when I do that, so I took my time and read a few chapters at a time. It was really easy reading; if Frankie wrote books, I think his would be a lot like this. Anyway, I realized a few things from this reading that I need to work on and ask God to help me with. I hope that you will read it and take something from it that you can use.

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