Lousy T-Shirt! part 2 (cont.)

Part 2: Undress Taking off the Shirt

These chapters address things that we may need to “get over” before we can truly follow Jesus with everything that we are.

Chapter 6: We need to be hungry for God; the problem is that we have roving appetites. We live under the assumption that wanting something is enough to make it happen, but it’s not. I would like to lose weight; I really want to be thinner. But wanting to be thin is not going to make me thin… trust me, I know! Vince points out that everything in life worth doing, takes some sacrifice and discipline. I haven’t been willing to discipline myself to lose weight, nor sacrifice the time and effort it takes to follow through. We need to be hungry for God in a way that drives us to follow him, to abide in him. Sometimes, we are past the point where we realize our hunger and so, we need to pray that God would make us hungry. The other part of this is sometimes we realize we are hungry, but we try to fill up on other things, perhaps money or material things or love or power. We need to focus our appetite on God.

Chapter 7: “Following Jesus is a long obedience in all different directions.” Jesus leads us into the dark areas of our own lives and into the lives of others. And wherever God wants us to be at, no matter how scary it may seem, that place is the best place for us to be. Christians tend to think of the Christian walk as a hiking experience. Jesus is leading the way urging us to follow the straight, narrow, rocky path before us. But really God is leading us all over. Our path crosses through the “wide road” many times as we are called to interact and share the gospel with those on the road to destruction. It may wind around and put us “behind” where we previously were or it may take us down into a valley or high on the mountaintops. Following Jesus is rarely in a straight line; that’s too predictable, too easy for us to become comfortable.

Chapter 8: We have to leave our boring, disappointing routines. We need to enter into God’s presence on a daily basis, not out of a religious obligation, but in an effort to really know God. If we do this, our faces will reflect God’s glory in such a way that we appear to glow. We radiate his glory. Following Jesus is not a routine; it’s an adventure with twists and turns we could never imagine.

Chapter 9: We need to quit ignoring God in our daily living. We need to practice the presence of God everyday, in every moment, in every place we go. We should start our day with God, have reminders throughout the day to remind us of his presence, look for “flickers” of God throughout the day (moments when the natural and supernatural worlds are so close they seem to connect), and we need to develop a beat by choosing a consistent prayer that we learn to repeat subconsciously.

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