I watched the movie Enchanted a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t a great movie, but I’m a fan of sappy stories. Anyway, the movie is about a girl named Gezelle, who lives in a fairy tale; however, the wicked queen doesn’t want her to marry her son, so she sends Gezelle to our world. Gezelle is living in our world, but is acting like she is still in the fairy tale… the singing and choreographed dancing, the mice and pigeons cleaning and making her clothes… Everyone around her thinks she is crazy.

I was thinking this is how Christians act, not the dancing and singing and mice and pigeons stuff, but we act like we are from another world. People think we are crazy. At first, I was thinking this was a negative thing, that we are not connecting with the world and showing them Jesus, but now, I’m thinking that that is wrong. People noticed a difference in Gezelle’s life (not to mention, the line of rats following her around). She had a good outlook on life, despite the bad circumstances. She believed in something and wouldn’t be deterred. When people realized she was sincere and not crazy, they allowed her to lead them to change. This is how we should be. We should live our lives differently. We should live in such a way that when we get close to people and allow them to see our hearts that they would be different, they would be changed.

I guess, you could go either way with the analogy, but either way, we should live in such a way, that people take notice of us, see that something is different about the way we live, and come away changed.

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