Okay, my husband cut his leg really bad on May 16th. Alyx was standing on top of our kitchen table with Frankie’s iPod above her head, so Frankie jumps over our gate (that blocks off the stairs), runs into a chair that propels him into a low bookshelf. The main cut was probably 4 inches long and GROSS! Anyway, we put some antibiotic cream on it and bandaged it. Well, it didn’t seem to heal; instead, it got infected, so we went to the doctor on Sunday (May 25th, our anniversary). We spent 3 hours in there. They gave him a shot and two medications to take, and swabbed for the super bug. He went back Tuesday. They said it still didn’t look good, but just gave him another shot and sent him on his merry way. A good friend told him he needed to go see his family physician, so he made an appointment for today. I went to work because I’m filling in for another girl right now. We had a meeting at 9am that lasted until 11:30am. SO I get back to my desk and Frankie calls almost immediately. He says, “Finally!” Anyway, the doctor sent him to a specialist because it wasn’t healing well. According to Frankie, the specialist walked in, said he had MRSA, and started cutting! So I had to go home, wash all our sheets and bedding, wash baby and me, and just for good measure, I sprayed down the whole house in Lysol. The doctors said it’s treatable and they have to heal it from the inside out, so that is really good. But the baby and I have to wash in antibiotic soap and put some medicinal cream in our noses twice a day. Anyway, I’m glad he’s okay and thankful, he’s kind of a hypochondriac because if it had been me, I don’t know if I would have went. Also, a special thanks to Liz for telling him to go see someone else!

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