Lousy T-shirt! part 2

Part 2: Undress Taking off the Shirt

These chapters address things that we may need to “get over” before we can truly follow Jesus with everything that we are.

Chapter 4: We need to have more than just a relationship with Jesus; we need to abide in Jesus. We all have relationships, they go from deep to shallow, from good to bad, and back again. With Jesus, we need something more than a relationship. We need to constantly be aware of his presence, constantly communicating.

Chapter 5: God is in the name-changing business and he wants to change our name to “the One Jesus Loves.” We should find our value in God’s love; “it’s a love that gives value.”

This chapter really spoke to me personally. I don’t use my past as an excuse; I hate it when people do that. I have made my choices and if they have gotten me into a mess, than it’s my own fault. My parents got divorced when I was young; my dad moved to Ohio and we had to spend the entire summer with him. When you are ten years old and don’t know your own father that well, this is very scary. I can remember begging my mother not to make me go. I pleaded with her. Her response was “I need a break.” Now, I know she didn’t mean it the way I took it; and as a parent myself, I can understand this better. But those words broke my heart and through the years, they have played over and over in my mind like a broken record. In my mind, my name became “the One I Need a Break From.” Did you notice? All I can remember of this discussion is “I need a break,” but in the void after that sentence, I heard “from you.” And I truly know my mother didn’t mean it that way, but my heart still hears these words frequently. I let these few words have control over me; I’ve found a “value” in them. I think that the value I have placed in these words has affected my life and the way I live.

Since I discovered that these words affected my being, I have been praying that God would rename me to “the One I Can Never Get Enough Of!” Maybe you have some phrase that runs through your mind, that plays over and over, that has a “value” in your mind. Let’s pray that God would show us his truth, that he’ll change our names to how he sees us. Let us be “the Ones that Jesus Loves.”

Part 2: to be continued……..

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