Lousy Tshirts! part 1

I am currently reading a book by Vince Antonucci called “I Became a Christian and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt.” It’s really good and I highly recommend it (for what that’s worth). I thought I would share some of the things that stuck out to me.

Part 1:Digress I came, I saw, I bought the T-shirt.

Chapter 1: Non-Christians really don’t know anything about Christianity. Yes, they can live 20 years without hearing about Jesus. I think this just goes to show how trapped we, as Christians, are in our own little world. We have made Christianity nothing more than a club and we go to our weekly meetings. We may discuss the sermon topic or what’s going on, but rarely with anyone outside the circle. I am just as guilty of this as the next Christian, but it is very sad. Jesus didn’t live in his own little circle. He went out into the world and touched people’s lives.

Chapter 2: We need to get involved and truly live life. We need to live in a sense of anticipation of what God might do next. So often, we go through life in our daily routine never adventuring outside the box. It won’t be all good; sometimes it’s boring and sometimes it’s bad, but truly experiencing life is much better than just looking at someone else’s pictures or wearing a T-shirt someone bought for us while they were living life. Have you ever been bored to tears when you are looking at someone else’s picture album? For that person, they are remembering the moments each of those pictures represent. For someone on the outside, the first couple pictures might be okay, but by the sixth picture, that person is wanting to move on so they can get through this 100-page book. I think this is what Vince is talking about. It’s the difference between living in the pictures and just looking at them in a picture album.

Chapter 3: We need to FOLLOW Jesus. This is done in two parts. First, we follow by living life with Jesus. This is our inward life, our personal, daily walk with God, our prayer and Bible reading time. Second, we follow by living the Jesus life. This is our outward life. It’s allowing our inward life to overflow into our daily living, in everything we do and say. This is the great commandment(s) according to Jesus, to love God and to love others. You love God by loving others and you truly love others when you love God. They go hand and hand and without one, the other is not truly achieved.

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