Jesus Calmed the Storm…. (or the Wind at MIP)

Movies in the Park was a huge success. We had at least 2000 people in attendance. We couldn’t get an accurate count because there were too many! Just think, God was able to touch 2000 souls who might not have come to church. It was simply amazing.

The night started out a little rough. We didn’t get power until 4:30pm in order to start the popcorn and then one of the popcorn machine’s engine went out. The wind was blowing incredibly hard causing some issues in keeping the screen upright. Putting the registration cards, MIP cards, and Hub City Church cards together was going very slow. Coke was late and promised volunteers were scarce. Then there were some political issues going on with the police officers.

We had a team meeting around 6:00pm. Jonathan explained what we needed to do that night: connect with people and exchange information. We prayed that the wind might stop blowing quite so hard and that God would be glorified in everything that took place. I had to keep myself from looking at the screen because it was really under some pressure from the wind even though they had anchored it pretty well.

After the prayer, we found out that the popcorn machine had started working again; they figured out you had to jar it a little after you dumped the popcorn out. The wind blew some of our handouts, but they had put together about half of them already. Coke showed up and got their stuff out for us. We were able to put the rest of the handouts together throughout the night. The give-a-ways went over real well. Around 7pm, I realized something…. the wind had pretty much stopped. What a mighty God we serve that even the wind obeys him.

Everything worked out great! It is a relief to have the first one behind us. Now we know what will work and what needs to be tweaked some. We know that people were as excited about MIP as we were. And most importantly, we know that God is with us in this! How else would so much have been accomplished in such a short period of time. This event was truly a time to EXPERIENCE God working all around us.

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