Spring Flingin’

This past weekend, a group of us from Hub City went to Spring Fling and handed out 2500 postcards to advertise for Movies in the Park. Oh, and the guys took turns dressing up as Mickey Mouse. It was neat seeing people’s reaction to Mickey and to Movies in the Park. Many of the kids were SO excited to see Mickey and wanted to hug him, high five him, and have their pictures taken with him. Actually, many ADULTS wanted to hug him, high five him, and have their pictures taken with him!! We had a great time and it really wasn’t that bad weather wise until Sunday (then it was a little hot!).

A police officer was standing near us and asked us what we were doing, so we told him about Movies in the Park and he seemed excited about it. A guy was handing out coupons for Jason’s Deli and tried to give Mickey one (which was Frankie at the time), so he pointed him to me. I exchanged cards with him and told him about MIP. He said he was from Washington, DC and was excited to see that Spartanburg was trying to do more community events. I didn’t correct him that the city wasn’t putting it on because we really do want to work with the city on this. The mayor walked by and asked me what we were selling, and I told him nothing; we were giving out postcards for a free event! We gave out 2500 postcards and I only saw one on the ground the whole time. Rosie talked to some people at the Children’s shelter and they are going to probably set up a booth at one of the MIP. Jonathan talked to someone who said they would put our banner up at Barnett Park, which is great! We met a lot of people and hopefully, many will show up. Almost everyone was really receptive to it.

A few funny things: I missed a great picture opportunity; a couple of Hooters girls walked by! Also, a little kid walked by, saw Mickey, pointed, and shouted “Chuck E Cheese!”

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