The Call

When I was around 15 or 16 years old, I felt that God was calling me into some sort of “ministry.” I went to a Southern Baptist Church and so with every “spiritual decision” you make, you “walk down the aisle” as a declaration to the people around you. So when I felt this calling from God, I walked the aisle to proclaim to the world that I wanted to dedicate my life in service to God.

This event in my life was the reason I decided to go to North Greenville College and get my B.A. in Christian Studies. Upon graduation, I interned at my home church for the summer and it ended up lasting until the spring of 2003, when they found a permanent youth minister. I was a little stunned by this because they didn’t let me know beforehand that they had offered the job to someone else. In fact, I learned the truth along with the rest of the church one Sunday morning.

I was a little upset. After all, I had grown up at that church and felt I deserved at least a little bit of notice. But overall, I didn’t take it too personally, and truthfully, I did not enjoy youth ministry very much. We (Frankie and I) had some pretty dreadful experiences. So after this internship ended, I did not seek another ministry job. Again, I grew up in the Baptist church and women didn’t have many opportunities to lead. I just kept working at Wildlife Unlimited (a hunting and fishing specialty shop) and time passed by….

I’ve always kept that calling in the back of my mind and the experience of letting others know about it. Back then, my friends joked with me that I was going to marry a preacher. Of course, they had a very specific person in mind (who is NOT a preacher but we all thought he would become one)!

Now, looking back at that, I am amazed how God gave them the foresight to know that their words would come true. When Frankie first told me that he felt called to do something great for God, it didn’t surprise me at all. It made sense. And now, I can finally see a little bit of what God really called me to do…. but more importantly, what He called me to be.

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