High C

I am a high “C” personality. What does that mean? Basically, I need details! I am extremely detail-oriented. I think that is why church-planting seems so difficult for me because you don’t know what is next at all… or someone has this great idea, but doesn’t go into all the details about how to pull it off, so I’m left thinking about everything that is going to have to be done in order to accomplish this great idea. My husband is an “I” personality, which to me means that he acts like he has ADHD (which he would say he has because he’s a hypochondriac) and he is all over the place. When he has a great idea, he can tell me the basics of what he wants to do, but he doesn’t want to tell me details. In fact, he probably hasn’t even considered the details. He’s kind of like the positive and I’m kind of the negative…. I guess.

Anyway, we are helping to launch Hub City Church on September 21st this fall. I love most of it, but I don’t feel like we’ve covered enough at all! We have 5 months to cover all the details. That’s not much time especially when you consider that starting in May, we will be doing Movies in the Park once a month, which will be great advertising…. Can you hear all my questions? Just by writing this paragraph, I’ve created another bunch of questions that I want answers to!!

The other thing that bothers me is that Frankie is wanting to be a full-time intern to Hub City, which is a great idea considering that he feels called to launch a new church soon. BUT…. how are we going to do this? I don’t know, and it scares me most of all.

I hope you don’t mind me going on and on about my fears. I guess I really wanted to start this blog for a couple of reasons, but the foremost being that I am hoping that fellow church planters’ wives will read it and give me some advice, answers, accountability, support, and probably more questions!!!

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