Movies in the Park and one other thing…

Hub City Church is hosting an event this summer called Movies in the Park. It will be held on the 3rd Saturday of the months May through August in Barnett Park in Spartanburg. We are SO very excited at this opportunity we were granted to give back to our community. However, we will need LOTS of help. We want to provide family entertainment, popcorn, drinks, and giveaways all for free. Each of us are working on different facets of the preparation work. I somehow volunteered myself to try to get door prizes from local businesses. If you know me, this is not my specialty. Anyway, as of today, we (Frankie and I) have gotten a few gift certificates so I’m excited. We have a few places we have to go back to tomorrow and one place to go on Monday. I’m glad that local businesses seem to be excited at what we are doing, too! But if anyone out there can help in any way, gift certificates, volunteer to hand out popcorn, or whatever, let us know please!!!

On Sunday, Frankie and I will be talking to his family about our calling. This is going to be the hardest experience we’ve had to face because we are not sure how they are going to react to what we believe will be our future home (for at least a little while). We have told them that Frankie feels like he is supposed to plant a church, so everything won’t be a shock to them. Please pray for us that God will speak through us to their hearts and that they will accept what God has willed for our family. I’m sure the hardest thing for a mother and father to face is their child and grandchild moving away even if it won’t be for a year or so….

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One Response to Movies in the Park and one other thing…

  1. michele says:

    I’m so excited about MIP! It’s crazy to think we’ll be doing it in a month! Good luck talking to the family. I still remember telling my family I was going into the ministry. Love your blog!

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